I'm PurNie, an Independent artist, photographer, songwriter, singer, and producer from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I started making music 5 years ago going on and off. Almost in the same way as I approached photography I also did it experimenting with music simply with a DAW, an external soundboard and a microphone at home.

The first double album released last year "Heartless" was practically an empirical approach to music production without having any idea about it so I decided to study more about how to produce, compose and improve musically to be able to do different and better jobs in the future.

I am currently working on "Aquelarre" and re-editing, mixing and finally mastering my first album and I hope to incorporate all this knowledge on the new album coming. Although I am quite new doing this, I realize that I am really interested and I want to explore a lot more about music production.

In some way, the idea of this project is to involve all areas of work (music, photography and filmmaking) and I hope to achieve it someday.


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