About Ben Blackett

Ben Blackett’s music can be described as an ethereal otherworldly experience, blending uplifting energy with huge ambient soundscapes and driven by patterns and drums that entice you with a groove you never want to end. His music defies traditional genre’s – even within a single song - but can best be described as a mix of Downtempo, Ambient, Chillout, and Trance, with elements of Pop and Rock occasionally sprinkled in. Ben sometimes calls it Mind Expansion Genre - music that takes you to the far reaches of imaginative adventures & fills you with feelings of satisfactional bliss. You can expect deep emotional currents from his music, and each song contains a theme all its own that Ben explores and evokes with excellent precision, allowing the chosen vibe to fully envelop and engage the listener. It’s an experience that you will want to come back to again and again.

Short Biography

A Seattle based electronic musician, Ben Blackett has been writing his own unique style of music for over 30 years. He studied Audio Engineering and Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Seattle in the late 90's and was active in the Seattle music scene for a time. After nearly two decades of sporadic creativity, Ben discovered a newfound musical freedom in 2018 and began writing his debut album "Unbound". Upon release in Dec 2018, the album solidified his skill as a master of his craft and helped launch a new social media presence under his Ben Blackett brand, helping to support other indie artists of all types. Only a few short months later in March of 2019, he signed with Italian label Ox-zone Records and released two EP’s of 3 songs each titled "Phazeshift" and "Horizons", which were subsequently included in over 6 Various Artist compilations and became some of his most popular works to-date.

Still experiencing a personal musical renaissance and actively writing new material, it was only four months later, in August 2019, that he released his next full-length album titled “Interconnected”. A collection of songs dedicated to the theme that everyone and everything is connected in both big and small ways, and that every action we take can have ripples far beyond what we envision.


Ben's early musical influences include Enigma, Tangerine Dream, Orbital, Pink Floyd, U2, Peter Gabriel, Deep Forest and Enya. Later influences include Ryan Farish, Nigel Stanford, Ulrich Schnauss, Suduaya, Bluetech, and many others.

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