Berghain Hard



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A sampling of some Top Playlist Curators very own music and the chosen few Artists they wanted to include alongside them! Available on all major platforms!

Top Curators & Friends - Vol 1

A multi-genre playlist including some of the best independent and new upcoming talents on the popular Facebook network.

Facebook Artists

Playlist featuring many of the artists that are played on The Magic Window show on Mad Wasp Radio. The main aim of the show is to give a platform to independent artists so that more people hear their great music.

The Magic Window on Mad Wasp Radio - Show Favourites Vol 1

A fresh blend of electro waves!

Electro Waves

This is the #EMA February 2020 selection of electronic music from members of our Electronic Music Alliance. It's a pick and mix of varying genres and sounds of electronic styles so please check it out.

#EMA SoundCloud Showcase February 2020

A compilation of El3ctroFaM producers' best techno tracks - @El3ctroFaM @El3

"This playlist begins with some classic techno elements, then varies between harder tracks & ones with acid characteristics, before closing with some lighter and minimal techno tracks. Enjoy the techno flow!"

T3chnoFaM Vol 1 (an El3ctroFaM playlist)

A fresh blend of underground electro artists


El3ctroFaM enters a new era with new releases from all members. Electronic hedonism. Enjoy!

El3ctroFaM 2020 New Releases

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