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Thank you for your interest in this shared organic promotion opportunity!  Please consider clicking the above button and Joining this site as a Curator.  Its free, all of your playlists will be listed in one location under your profile, and I only promote playlists from Curators who have a profile here.

There are 3 levels of involvement, allowing you to choose how much or how little you wish to participate.  

First Level - you share your playlist on the various support threads anytime you want, along with anything else you would like people to know about.  We highly encourage tagging of all the artists in your playlists, but it is not required.

Second Level - you submit your playlist using the form below, After I review it and accept it, your playlist will be considered for promotion. Only playlists with a complete list of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @'s for every artist that has them, will be considered.  If selected, I will share your playlist up to 4 times a month on one of the three main social media platforms. I will also tag you and the artists in each post, so you will be able to track and respond to any comments made. This level requires that you engage with other playlists being promoted as well - Your actions of Commenting/Liking/Retweeting/Sharing other playlists will be considered a trade for services rendered, and you will be removed from any promotions unless you do so. 

Note: playlists selected for promotion must have been Created or Updated within the previous 30 days in order to maintain  accuracy, and will be considered stale and unusable after that.  If nothing requires changing, simply click Update once a month in order to keep it in the queue. You can check this date on your My Playlists page.

Third Level - Same as Level 2 but with some additional benefits. I import your playlist to my network, generating a new Playlist as a result.  I then expand it to other platforms such as YouTube, Apple, Soundcloud, Deezer, etc., and will design cover art for it - or you can provide it - in which your Curator name would be prominently displayed.  Playlists at this level must be fixed and unchanging - ideally with brand new ones added regularly as new Volumes of the original.  


Note:  playlists submitted at this level will not be displayed on my website until after my work has been completed.  At which point, I will update your playlist with any changes made and make it public.  Please Contact Me with questions or suggestions about your playlist.

Paid Playlist Promotion at level two or three can be found on our Services page.  Paid promotions bypass the engagement requirements and may be be promoted across all 3 major social media platforms.  


In all promotions, data entered into this site will be used to create various social media content.  It is your responsibility to make sure the data you enter is maintained and accurate.

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 if Level 3 is selected, your Playlist will not show up on the site until after our work has been completed 

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